I Am the Night, Season 1

I Am the Night, Season 1

I Am the Night

  • Жанр: Drama
  • Дата Релиза: 2019-01-28
  • Класс Рекомендации: TV-MA
  • Эпизод: 19
  • Цена на iTunes: USD 9.99
  • Цена на iTunes HD: 14.99 USD
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Inspired by true events, I Am the Night tells the gripping story of Fauna Hodel (India Eisley), a teenage girl who is given away at birth, and grows up outside of Reno, Nevada. Fauna lives more-or-less comfortably with the mysteries of her origin, until one day she makes a discovery that leads her to question everything. As Fauna begins to investigate the secrets of her past, she meets a ruined reporter (Chris Pine), haunted by the case that undid him. Together, they follow a sinister trail that swirls ever closer to an infamous Los Angeles gynecologist, Dr. George Hodel (Jefferson Mays), a man involved in some of Hollywood’s darkest debauchery, and possibly, its most infamous unsolved crime.


Заглавие Время Цена
1 Pilot 54:15 USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
2 Inside the Episode: Pilot 02:44 Только Сезон На Айтюнс
3 Phenomenon of Interference 50:19 USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
4 Inside the Episode: Phenomenon of Interf 02:34 Только Сезон На Айтюнс
5 Dark Flower 49:37 USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
6 Inside the Episode: Dark Flower 02:49 Только Сезон На Айтюнс
7 Matador 49:57 USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
8 Inside the Episode: Matador 02:40 Только Сезон На Айтюнс
9 Aloha 50:08 USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
10 Inside the Episode: Aloha 03:38 USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
11 Queen's Gambit, Accepted 51:14 USD 1.99 На Айтюнс
12 Inside the Episode: Queen's Gambit, Acce 04:20 Только Сезон На Айтюнс
13 Sneak Peek 01:32 Free На Айтюнс
14 What Is I Am the Night? 01:23 Free На Айтюнс
15 Hollywood Land 1965 01:02 Только Сезон На Айтюнс
16 Identity 02:40 Только Сезон На Айтюнс
17 Building Character 03:57 Только Сезон На Айтюнс
18 Who is Fauna Hodel? 02:14 Только Сезон На Айтюнс
19 Inside the Hodel House 02:47 Только Сезон На Айтюнс